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Liana Taousiani

Liana Taousiani

Liana Taousiani is currently working as a production manager and director assistant for Onassis Cultural Center, SGT. She has collaborated with SGT for the needs of festivals as Fast Forward, X-Apartments project, Latin America and Transitions. Worked with artists like Lola Arias, Markus Ohrn, Fernando Rubio.

The last year is working for the CLEAN CITY performance directed by Anestis Azas and Prodromos Tsinikoris touring successfully around Europe.

She is a creative member of the Papalangki Theatre group, a group dedicated to educational theatre.

She also works as an actress in cinema and theatre productions.

She has organised storytelling workshops for kids and teenagers on her own initiative and worked for greek public elementary schools as a drama teacher.

She has a Master of Art Therapy from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, Catalunya and a Master of Fine Arts from the Theatre Department of Aristotel University of Thessaloniki.

These days she is translating a Federico Garcia Lorca play (As five years pass) in order to create a multimedia performance, experimenting with oniric atmospheres.

She also interviews teenagers, Psychologists and Sexologists in order to write a play for teenagers regarding sex education in greek schools.

When no touring she lives in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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