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17.01.2015 13:00 Dauerkolonie Berlin

Meeting point: EOTO e.V., Paul Gerhardt Stift, Müllerstraße 56-58

Please note: The tour starts here and ends at May Ayim-Ufer, Kreuzberg. We therefore recommend public transport to reach the meeting point.

The tour includes walking in the open, please be prepared for cold and rainy weather.

Afrikanisches Viertel (African Quarter) and Schlossplatz, “Mohrenstraße,” Wilhelmstraße and May-Ayim-Ufer: all of these very different places have one thing in common ‒ they were the sites of German policies of enslavement and colonialism. This is where crimes against humanity were planned, committed or celebrated by honouring the aggressors. Goods, art treasures and also human beings stolen in the colonies came into this city. Up to the present day the colonial propaganda from the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich continues to have an effect in Berlin’s cityscape. And until this day people in Berlin, Germany and Europe benefit ‒ unconsciously and self-evidently ‒ from colonial continuities shaping everyday life ‒ from the morning coffee to the smart phone. The bus tour provides insights into a history and present which are at the same time suppressed and existent, starting out from local vestiges while also addressing the resistance of Black people which quickly emerged.

Host: Joshua Kwesi Aikins