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Freitag, 16.11.2018 – Sonntag, 16.12.2018

Permanente Beunruhigung

Decolonizing our everyday life - over two seasons, from April to December 2019, Ballhaus Naunynstraße's Postcolonial Poly Perspectives focuses on everyday life, on artistic, activist and theoretical approaches to decolonizing the present.

The festival Postcolonial Poly Perspectives presents black perspectives in the arts, Berlin positions, in performances, choreography, video, literature. It shows the diversity of perspectives as a strategy: mono-perspective patterns of perception and interpretation, handed down and effective, white narratives experience side glances, counter-images and diverse refractions. Expanding the postcolonial matrix, as it lies tightly meshed over things, speech, behavior - Postcolonial Poly Perspectives offers space for this.

In terms of the history of ideas, colonialism is the establishment of a monopoly of interpretation, the reduction of the world to one world view. Every being, every thing is supposed to appear in this perspective, to be subject to this perspective and to be tailored to it accordingly. Who or what has meaning, what and how it is produced, who or what is used for what purposes, in which narrative man and thing are integrated, is determined by this perspective, by the needs of this white, male instance. Capitalism perpetuates this monopoly of domination - until now. Artifacts in the archives, works of art and goods of everyday life, but above all the bodies form the crystallization surfaces of perspectivized power.

Postcolonial Poly Perspectives presents artistic, activist, theoretical methods to push the bodies, the things of art, the commodity world, the archives out of the colonial fixing framing and to multiply the perspectives. This "festival of overlength" builds momentum over seven months with panels, artistic works, and workshops. Performances by Bishop Black, Nasheeka Nedsreal, Duduzile Voigts, the choreographic work of Magda Korsinsky STRICKEN, panels curated by Julien Enzanza, Olani Ewunnet, Chima Ugwuoke, Jasco Viefhues and many more contributors form prisms, the postcoloniality of the life situation of Black protagonists* and People of Color in Berlin, to analyze the fibers of segregating powers in the banality of everyday life - even in one's own four walls, in eating and drinking, inheriting and buying, in playing and dreaming - and to search for, collect, invent strategies of transformation. The wide-stretched arc wants to give space; space for multiple encounters, deviation, self-care, resistance, transformation. Above all, Postcolonial Poly Perspectives demonstrates the validity of multiple perspectives, forcefully and powerfully!